Keyboard cover for 15″ laptop, anti-bacterial Bacterio Drape 350 x 227 mm (Box of 3 pieces)

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If you are looking for a more hygienic workstation without getting rid of your current keyboard, the Bacterio Drape is the solution. This transparent cover fits every keyboard, you can put it on top or wrap it around the keyboard. You can rinse or clean this keyboard protector, or even sterilise it in an autoclave or thermodisinfector up to 108ºC. This way you can use the Bacterio Drape over and over again. The transparent silicone layer does not affect the view of the keys, so that you can work comfortably over the cover.

  • The Bacterio Drape keyboard protector is an extra light silicone film for safe working on your keyboard! Due to the softness of this thin silicone membrane, you will feel as if you have no protection on your keyboard because despite this protection you type smoothly and you will not even notice its presence on your keyboard.
  • Your keyboard will remain protected against liquids, moisture, dust and bacteria 24/7! This anti-bacteria keyboard cover has a perfect fit, it sits on your keyboard without strain and can be cut to fit your keyboard perfectly.
  • This thin cover maintains a clear view of the keyboard without sacrificing normal typing.
  • The Bacterio Drape can be cleaned and disinfected, making it a safe solution.
  • Specifically for medical environments, you can use common detergents to sanitise your keyboard and help control infections.
  • Many hospitals across Europe use our keyboard and laptop protectors for infection control purposes.
  • Designed to repel liquid spills, dust, dirt, blood and other harmful agents, our products are made from high quality silicone and are designed to stay in place during use, providing 24/7 protection.
  • These Bacterio Drape keyboard protectors are 100% latex free and can be cleaned with 70% alcohol or other cleaning agents used in medical settings.
  • You will keep your workplace hygienic and clean.
  • In summary The Bacterio Drape allows you to have hygienic keys without altering the functionality of the keyboard or mouse.
  • It is more pleasant to the touch than urethane covers and is made of silicone which can be cleaned in a flash. It can be sterilised (using an autoclave) for optimal cleaning. Infection control has never been easier!
  • The Bacterio Drape is the most practical and economical way to keep your computer keyboard clean!


  • Protective covers suitable for laptop 15’’ keyboards
  • Latex-free silicone
  • Resistant to sterilisation in autoclave or thermodisinfector up to 108 ºC
  • Ultra-thin – Sold in sets of 10
  • Dimensions: 350 mm x 227 mm ( Can be cut to size by the user).

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