300 mm Horizontal Medical Monitor Arm, floor or ceiling column mount

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This 300mm Horizontal Arm allows the VESA screen to be perfectly fixed, oriented and adjusted. It is coated with an anti-microbial agent for hygiene and cleaning down to the last detail. Its modern design has been specially designed for healthcare environments.

Technical specifications:

  • Built-in cable entry
  • Optional floor or ceiling columns are available in various heights (1500 – 2000 mm). These columns can be easily cut to size. All cables are also routed through the column. This column has two fixing rails for the various elements that will be fixed to it. 1 rail at the front of the column and 1 rail at the back
  • This 300 mm Horizontal Arm simply slides into the column rail and then adjusts to the desired height and is fixed in place.
  • It has no height adjustment
  • The head of the Horizontal Arm complies with the VESA MIS-D 75 mm and 100 mm screen mounting standard.
  • Rotary head.
  • Compatible with screens weighing up to 18 Kg.
  • Touch screen stability.
  • Screen tilt: 50° down and 100° up.
  • Screen rotation: 110° right, 110° left.
  • Arm rotation: 105° right, 105° left.
  • Total length 375 mm

Monitor adaptation: VESA 75/100 mm
Monitor adaptation Max. load capacity: 18 Kg
Product weight: 1,9 Kg

Product strengths:

Non-height adjustable arm. The extended swivel arms and swivel arms provide full cable integration and easy cleaning for infection control in all ICU areas of the clinical environment. Our 5-year warranty guarantees reliable, trouble-free and maintenance-free operation. The swivel function at the attachment point as well as the tilt and swivel function of the monitor adapter provide optimal positioning of your device. The extended swing arm is a two-part arm with a central pivot point between the two sections of the arm. All bottom-mounted monitors have the safety function of a 20° tilt stop.

Floor or ceiling column:

To install medical arm, you need to use one of our medical columns. These are available in standard heights of 1500 and 2000 mm. Custom heights are available on request. Slide covers and end caps are supplied with every order.

Additional information

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RAL 5013 cobalt blue and RAL 9016 traffic white


5 years